Stamp Hostels - The Place for Backpackers - International Events - Address : Carrera 4 # 3 - 10 Manzanillo, Cartagena - Phone : + (57) 311 406 89 64


Be part of Stamp, let’s live this dream together!

Stamp Hostels is the result of the perseverance and tireless work of Hostales de Colombia, as a partner and promoter, and a select group of investors that have believed in this crazy, yet magical idea.

Each hostel is built according to its location, in addition to its historical and cultural context.

Ranging from hostels that act as a hub for all of our travelers, to small spaces in the mountains to look upon the infinite heavens.

Investing in Stamp is possible thanks to the nature of fiduciary rights.

Together with Alianza Fiduciaria, we have built an extremely effective investment model, which allows us to move this idea forward and to share future profits.