Authentic caribbean flavor

On the highway that leads to Barranquilla, 15 minutes from Cartagena and once the visitor has passed the Hotel in the highway, nestled in the middle of the Ciénaga de la Virgen and the Caribbean Sea, is Manzanillo del Mar, a new tourist center of virgin beaches and without contamination which has become the fashionable place on weekends of Cartagena.

Manzanillo del Mar is a small fishing village inhabited by 450 people, where ecology is its forte and which was founded 50 years ago by Don Victor Batista, Patriarch of Cartagena, pioneer of great interests and patron of a traditional family in the region.

After deviating from the highway and passing the town, the visitor arrives at the Parrilla del Mar, the starting point to go through the tunnels of more than two kilometers of mangle and enjoy the Ciénaga de la Virgen with all the ecological environment, herons, birds like the gannets they have there have their sanctuary and why not sunset with a glass of wine, all without having to travel to a Caribbean island.

During one hour of trip you can appreciate the great variety of existing fauna and the warm vegetation of an intense green that surround the beautiful and mysterious braided passages like a labyrinth without end.

Not in vain has been the scene of filming of films like Nostromo and recently the soap opera Candela, you can enjoy a refreshing sea bath, a horse ride along its extensive beach or have fun with water sports offered there.

All these wonders are offered by Manzanillo del Mar, a place where you can see Cartagena and Punta Canoa Bay, with a road in improvement there are many visitors that are present every day.

On the other hand, its inhabitants and those who have established their businesses there, hope that the district government will support the initiative to create a Regional Tourist School that seeks the training of its people in tourist attention, especially considering the opening next year of new hotel projects that will undoubtedly bring more sources of work and therefore welfare to those who have the privilege of living in this paradise.

Stamp Hostels gives you a warm welcome to this amazing Colombian Paradise.

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