Barú Island

Barú Island : Pure Joy

Start packing right now.

Because in the next lines we will allow you to take an unforgettable journey through the charm, beauty and “enjoyment” of Barú.

Barú is perhaps the most important tourist destination of Cartagena, its proximity and ease to reach either by land or by sea, its beautiful white beaches, very white, its blue sea, very blue, surrounded in some spots by enigmatic mangroves, multicolored corals and an average temperature on the island of 30º, make it irresistible for that dreamy and deserved escape to tranquility and total relaxation.

How to get there?

By sea :

You cross all the bay of Cartagena in a boat that leave every day from the Tourist Wharf, with a schedule of with many recurrent schedules at different hours.

You can also ask the boatman to pick you up at one of the beaches in the afternoon.

By land :

If you go by car you get through the Canal del Dique, in a place called Pasacaballos you take the ferry and on the other side you follow the road to the beaches.

Also in several points of Cartagena you can take a bus with very cheap tickets.

The trip takes approximately 35 minutes.

Now close your eyes and get to one of the most visited beaches : Punta Iguana, Playa Blanca, Tranquila Beach, Puerto Naito, Playita de los Muertos, Cholon Beach and Bobo Beach.

Imagine there a chat with natives of the island, who will tell you fantastic stories of pirates and battles waged in the sea that currency, like that occurred in 1708 when the Galleon San Jose was attacked and sunk by English ships, which was lost in the most Deep ocean for more than 300 years and was found just a year ago with all kinds of treasures inside.

Or maybe, they just tell you about the morning fishing and they advise you some kiosk next to the beach where you can eat a red snapper, a sea bass and other sea delicacies so that you can enjoy them fried, grilled or in a ceviche with lots of lemon and with a lot of Caribbean flavor.

“Exploring Barú is to enjoy its people, its history, its beaches, its crystal clear sea with infinite shades of blue, we are waiting or you, are you ready?”

When you visit Cartagena

Your life will be split in two, before and after knowing Cartagena.

From the moment you set foot in this city you will see the wonders that make up the Colombian Caribbean.

You can choose to watch the sunset from the beach or behind a great wall from the time of the colony, this is where the new story of your life begins.

You can be the most educated person to read about the different cities and cultures of the world, but that does not make you aware of them, because to know first you must take the risk of traveling and living as locals live.

Making the decision to explore the world will give you unforgettable experiences.

Enjoy nights of salsa, champeta, electronics or vallenato, are the rhythms preferred by foreigners who visit us.

Visiting Cartagena will be increasingly attractive, if you are looking for a tropical climate and warm at the same time, with few changes.

There are only two differences in the year, the dry heat season from december to april and the wet or rainy heat that runs from may to november.

A valuable piece of information to better plan your trip, depending on how you want to enjoy it.

At nightfall, nothing better than the nightlife of Cartagena, full of bars and nightclubs to choose from the diversity of genres, environments and themes that these can offer.

Enjoy nights of salsa, champeta, electronics or vallenato, are the favorite rhythms for foreigners who visit us.

What will be your favorite?

The squares of the city are another great tourist attraction to visit at night, where restaurants and bars fill the space with fun and exquisite food.

If you come as a couple, the nights of Cartagena give you that romantic atmosphere, ideal for its walls and ancient architecture, ride in floats or enjoy a walk inside the walled city, they will make you travel in time and feel the own romanticism of a good bolero.

A must visit that you should not miss, are the beaches of Manzanillo or Bocagrande, you can also enjoy a crystal clear sea in the Island of Barú or the Rosario Islands near the city; there you will be able to arrive by means of boats that you will find in the marinas located in different parts of the city.

So you know, when visiting Cartagena you can enjoy the beach, the sea, the islands, the walled city, and many other entertainment options.

Do not miss the festivals and music festivals that take place during the year.

In Cartagena you will have all the reasons why you want to stay or decide to return.

The Summerland Festival Cartagena, three days of the best rumba of worldclass electronics, DJs like David Guetta, Steve Angello and many more come in the january season.

Another of the great festivities of the city is the party of the queens, the National Beauty Reign, a week in November full of music, rumba and fashion in which the most beautiful woman in Colombia is chosen.

If you are a movie lover, enjoy the Film and Theater Festival in march that joins the Nautical Fair full of adrenaline and sports.

These are a few reasons for you to visit the city and immerse yourself in the culture, enjoy its typical food and the gastronomic offer, all this with the advantage of a very comfortable lodging at comfortable prices, a few meters from the sea, at the Stamp Hostel in Manzanillo.